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  • Embark on a comprehensive half-day tour across Penang’s famed landmarks, uncovering the rich heritage, local craftsmanship, and vibrant culture that define George Town. Our guided tour assures an immersive journey through the city’s most renowned attractions.
  • Full Description Your tour guide will warmly welcome you at the Cruise Terminal (Swettenham Pier) to commence a fascinating exploration of Penang’s iconic sights.

Penang Hill

  • Kick-start your adventure by ascending Penang Hill via a scenic funicular train ride. At an elevation of 833 meters, savor breathtaking panoramic views of Georgetown and mainland Butterworth. The hill’s colonial bungalows resonate with the British preference for cooler climes amidst the city’s tropical climate.

Wat Chayamangkalaram Temple

  • Visit the renowned Wat Chayamangkalaram Temple, home to a majestic gold-plated Reclining Buddha—standing at an impressive 33 meters—amongst the world’s largest reclining Buddha statues.

Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

  • Discover the enchanting Dhammikarama Burmese Temple, an intricate Buddhist temple established in 1803. Admire its vibrant stupas, sculptures, and serene prayer halls, resonating with tranquility amidst occasional temple bell chimes. Witness the recent addition of the Golden Pagoda Bell Tower.

George Town Exploration

Embark on a picturesque drive through George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, unraveling tales of the city’s colonial and local legacies.

Chew Jetty

Experience the unique Clan Jetties, dating back to the late 19th century, as you stroll along wooden paths amidst stilted houses. These jetties, part of the heritage trail, offer a glimpse into local life, blending heritage and contemporary living in the heart of the city.

Little India

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant, colorful precinct of Little India, teeming with shops offering Indian clothing, jewelry, and delectable street food.

St. George’s Church, Penang

  • Witness St. George’s Church, the oldest building in Penang, constructed by the British East India Company in 1819. Admire its Greek architectural style, characterized by pastel blue interiors and a remarkable memorial to Sir Francis Light.

Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Teng)

  • Discover the vibrant Taoist temple of the Goddess of Mercy, a source of eternal light and blessings that survived two world wars. Learn about its origins and significance during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

  • Visit Penang’s oldest Hindu temple, adorned with intricate details and precious stones. Delve into the temple’s South Indian Dravidian architectural style, a testament to Hindu culture and heritage.

Kapitan Keling Mosque

  • Explore the Kapitan Keling Mosque, showcasing a fusion of colonial and Moorish architectural influences. Admire its grandeur, characterized by impressive Moorish arches, a mesmerizing crystal chandelier, and exquisite calligraphy panels.

Fort Cornwallis

  • Capture the 18th-century British East India Company-built Fort Cornwallis, its cannons trained toward the waters, offering a glimpse into historical military architecture. *Photo opportunity only.

Immerse yourself in George Town’s cultural tapestry and captivating landmarks, uncovering the diverse legacies and stories etched across Penang’s iconic sites.


  • Air conditionedvehicle
  • English speaking driver
  • Cruise Terminal pick-up and drop off
  • Penang Hill Admission Ticket (Fast Lane)


  • Gratuities
  • Food and Beverages
  • Entrance Ticket
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