• At the appointed time, we’ll pick you up from your chosen meeting point in Valencia and head north towards Morella. After a little over two hours of travel along the Levantine coast, we’ll arrive at this vertically built walled municipality. It’s truly a medieval gem!
  • We’ll ascend the characteristic steep, cobbled streets of Morella, pausing at various local craft stalls along the way. Our journey will culminate at the historic castle that crowns the town. Did you know that among its guests was El Cid Campeador?
  • As we delve into this 12th-century Islamic fortress, we’ll uncover its significance for the Crown of Aragon. Then, we’ll leave you free time to further explore Morella at your own pace and sample the local cuisine.
  • After lunch, we’ll head east towards Peñíscola. Along the way, we’ll reveal the origins of this historic city marked by a very controversial figure: Pope Luna.
  • Our first stop will be the castle perched atop a cliff by the sea. This fortress served as the palace and personal library of the famous Pope Luna, one of Spain’s most controversial religious figures. We’ll unveil his story during the tour!
  • We’ll continue our visit through the old town of Peñíscola, which showcases examples of Muslim, Roman, and Templar architecture. Additionally, we’ll follow the path of the ancient wall that once protected the city and observe the washhouses located at the foot of the remaining walls. It’ll feel like stepping back in time!
  • After enjoying a full day exploring Peñíscola, we’ll return to the pick-up points in Valencia.


When making your reservation, please choose one of the following pick-up points in Valencia:

  • Torres de Serranos.
  • Hotel NH Valencia Center.
  • Ciudad de la Justicia.
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